1. “Your purpose is really the thread that connects all the dots and experiences of your life. Your real job is to figure out what that thread is and to honor it, to celebrate it, to revere it, to fine tune it, and to master it. That is your real job.”
2. “This I know for sure: Your life matters. Your being here matters. Your ability to waken to the greater possibility God gave you really matters. What really matters, is your knowing how important your contribution to humanity is.”
3. “Wherever you are in your relationships—if you’re not growing, you’re not living, because living is growth.”
4. “The single biggest aha! moment that I’ve ever had comes from recognizing that I always was worthy…you are worthy because you were born.”
5. “Identify what it is you’re really afraid of. Then say to yourself, ‘What would I do if I wasn’t afraid? Would I take this opportunity? Am I not going to take this opportunity based on what other people are going to say?’”
6. “Stop living out of the story of your past. Get the courage to know that forgiveness for yourself is the way to move forward. The world needs you to step up—to honor that, to celebrate it and to love it.”

(Source:, via liliezen)